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The mission of our hospital is to serve the health care needs of people in our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our task, and the task of our medical staff, is to care and to cure.

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Upstate University Hospital - Community Campus
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Upstate University Hospital - Community Campus
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Billing Guidelines

Payment or Payment Arrangements
Mail to:
Upstate University Hospital
Community Campus
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Phone: (315) 701-5650

Upstate University Hospital Community Campus provides care based on the following principles:

  • Treat all patients equitably, with dignity, with respect and with compassion.
  • Serve the emergency health care needs of everyone, regardless of a patient's ability to pay.
  • Assist patients who cannot pay for part or all of the care they receive.
  • Balance needed financial assistance for some patient with broader fiscal responsibilities in order to keep the hospital's doors open for all who may need care in the community.

Financial Assistance Program

Insurance Plans

Please note that contracts with insurance provides are subject to change may be unique to your individual plan. Please contact your insurance provider directly to verify if there are any special requirements for authorization and pre-certification for any elective procedures or a scheduled hospital admission.

Navigating the world of insurance and coverage can be difficult and confusing. We make every effort to assist you in following the coverage guidelines outlined by your insurance company and providing the information necessary to determine what is medically necessary for payment purposes. However, any questions you have regarding your insurance company's specific coverage are best directed to the insurance company itself or, if you are covered under a group policy through work, to your employer. In all cases, you - not your insurer - are responsible for all payment for hospital and medical services.

Understanding your Hospital Bill

Upstate University Hospital Community Campus is committed to providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost. Hospital bills are based on the type and complexity of the care you received. Your total hospital bill is made up of a variety of individual charges that were incurred during your hospital stay including room and board, tests, procedures, medications, medical supplies, etc. The fees for each service are determined by cost, market, and insurance payments, including federal and state programs. An annual review of costs is performed and validated against industry standards.

During your visit to the hospital, you may experience a variety of tests, procedures and services. Many of these services are performed by health care providers who work in the hospital, but bill for their services separately. After your visit, you can expect to receive bills from several different health care providers in addition to your hospital bill. Any questions regarding these bills should be directed to those health care providers directly.

The amount you owe may include insurance deductibles, non-covered services or items, co-payments, co-insurance or, in appropriate cases, balances due after insurance have paid on a charge.

If you have any questions regarding your hospital bill, a Patient Account Representative will be happy to assist you. You can contact a representative by calling (315) 492-5555 or (315) 492-5556.

Payment Arrangements

Payments can be mailed to:
Upstate University Hospital Community Campus
PO Box 2337
Syracuse, NY 13220

To pay for your bill using a credit card or to make payment arrangements, please contact the business office at (315) 701-5650. Upstate University Hospital Community Campus accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

If you are unable to pay for your bill, please review the information regarding our Financial Assistance Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn't my insurance carrier billed?

If your insurance information is on our billing system when the services are entered, your insurance carrier will be billed directly. However, if the information is inaccurate or incomplete, we may be unable to bill your insurance carrier. If you have insurance coverage and we are billing you directly, please contact a Patient Account Representative (315) 492-5555 or (315) 492-5556 so that we may update your information and send a bill to the appropriate carrier.

How can I pay the balance of my bill?

Upstate University Hospital Community Campus offers several ways to pay your bill. Payments may be made with cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). Credit card payments can be made over the phone (315) 701-5650 or payments can be mailed to: Upstate University Hospital Community Campus, PO Box 2337, Syracuse NY 13220.

What if I cannot afford to pay my bill?

Upstate University Hospital Community Campus offers a comprehensive Financial Assistance Program. If you would like to find out more information about our program, please call a Financial Assistance Caseworker at (315) 492-5323 or email at

Why am I getting a bill now when services were performed so long ago?

Your bill begins its journey through the payment system almost immediately after discharge or receiving services. Once a response is received from your insurance carrier and we have confirmed that there is additional patient liability, we will bill the patient. However, this process is dependent on when we receive a response from the insurance carrier. In addition, insurance carriers often request additional information that could delay the processing of your claim.

Why do I receive several bills as the result of one hospital encounter?

Charges from Upstate University Hospital Community Campus are for the facility bill only. Physician services (surgeons, Emergency Services Physicians, radiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, etc.) each bill separately.

Why didn't my insurance carrier pay for the services?

To obtain a clear understanding of your benefits and any limitations of your insurance coverage, it is best to contact your insurance carrier directly for an explanation of the way your claim was processed and/or paid.

Why do I keep getting bills?

You are still receiving bills because the account balance is still open. If you believe the account has been paid in full, please contact a Patient Account Representative to discuss the remaining balance. (315) 492-5555 or (315) 492-5556.

Why has my bill been turned over to a collection agency?

Upstate University Hospital Community Campus utilizes outside services to assist in contacting patients to resolve payment delays with the insurance or an outstanding balance. We recognize there are numerous circumstances that may prevent or delay balance resolution. We make extensive efforts to work with patients and insurance companies to collect on an outstanding account. However, old accounts may be released to collection agencies when our efforts fail to collect the balance on the account, which is a reasonable and acceptable business practice within the industry. If you are having difficulty paying a bill or are receiving a bill you don't believe you owe, please contact the billing office immediately at (315) 492-5555 or (315) 492-5556. Problems that are addressed sooner in the cycle never need to reach collection status.