Grades Committee


Grades Committees are chaired by the Curriculum Coordinating Committee Chair for the appropriate year.


Ms. Cheryl Alger: 464-4816
Administrative Director, Student Affairs
Room 1223, Weiskotten Hall


There are three Grades Committees: one for the first year, one for the second year, and one for the combined third and fourth year. Voting members of the First and Second Year Grades Committees include the department chair, or course director for each required course or their faculty designee. Voting members of the combined Third and Fourth Year Grades Committee include the department chair or a course/clerkships director for each required course or their faculty designee, and will include appointed faculty members from the Binghamton campus to reflect the percent of students at that campus. Non-voting, ex-officio members include the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee, the Assistant and/or Associate Deans of Curriculum, Registrar, and for the Clinical Years Grades Committee, the Associate Dean and/or Director of Student Affairs of the Binghamton Campus.


The responsibility of each Grades Committee is to make decisions about student academic progress and through these decisions to ensure that academic standards are maintained in the College of Medicine.

The task of each Grades Committee is defined narrowly. It does not set academic policy, nor should it modulate the importance of any academic standard or policy set by the College. Thus, in the context of evaluating deficient student performance and the decision to be made in consequence, the Grades Committee may consider whether there are relevant extenuating personal circumstances and/or other personal mitigating factors that can plausibly account for the deficient academic performance and form the basis for a decision to justify exceptions of the policies regarding promotion or dismissal.

Each Grades Committee, in making a decision about student progress, will review the student's entire record to date. A Grades Committee may take any of the following actions:

  1. Promotion with commendation or Graduation with Honors.
  2. Promotion (unqualified) or Graduation (unqualified).
  3. Promotion (Graduation) with qualifications:
    1. Promotion (Graduation) contingent upon satisfactory completion of remedial work.
    2. Promotion with probationary status because of poor academic record, unprofessional behavior, and/or clinical deficiencies.
  4. Repetition of all or part of an academic year, in cases that the student's record does not warrant Promotion (Graduation), but where there is expectation that the student will benefit from repeating all or part of a year's studies and still complete medical studies within the allowed time. In cases of more than one deficient grade, and marginal grades in other courses, the student may be required to repeat the entire year, or at a minimum, courses with marginal grades as well as those with deficiencies.
  5. Dismissal for reasons outlined in the Dismissal Policy.

When the Grades Committee dismisses a student, it will provide a written summary of its findings and any pertinent data that led to the dismissal to the student and to the Dean of the College of Medicine. Grades Committee decision of Dismissal shall require a two-thirds vote of those present. All other actions shall require a simple majority vote.

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