Educational Policies Committee

[Standing Committee of the Medical College Assembly]


Joseph Stein, PhD

Vice Chair:

Mike Vertino, MD


Lisa Gallinger @ 464-5187
Curriculum Office
Room 1251, Weiskotten Hall


Membership List


The Educational Policies Committee of the Medical College Assembly has the responsibility to:

  • determine the objectives and goals of the medical curriculum at this institution; and how they relate to graduation and promotion requirements for the MD degree;
  • assess the present curriculum in terms of reaching or meeting these goals and objectives;
  • consider any changes in the curriculum which may be necessary to meet the stated objectives. Such changes may include major modifications of required courses, addition of new courses, deletion of existing courses, major changes in course content;
  • consult with those departments whose programs may be affected by any contemplated curriculum changes; and to circulate the minutes of each meeting to each Department Chair, and
  • make a comprehensive report of its findings and recommendations, if any, at least semi-annually to the Medical College Assembly and to the Dean for their information and consideration.

Membership Guidelines:

  1. Members serve five two-year terms. When the term expires, the Department Chair is contacted for a replacement.
  2. The Chair of the EPC may serve three two-year terms.

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