MD/PhD Committee


Steven Youngentob, PhD: 464-7758
Andras Perl, MD, PhD: 464-4192


Krystal Smith, MS: 464-7719
Administrative Coordinator
Room 3104, Weiskotten Hall


  • Amit Dhamoon, MD, PhD
  • Thomas Duncan, PhD
  • Diana Gilligan, MD, PhD
  • Steven Goodman, PhD
  • Wendy Kates, PhD
  • Steward Loh, PhD
  • Zsuzsa Mesaros, PhD
  • Frank Middleton, PhD
  • Jennifer Welch


The MD/PhD Committee participates in the recruitment process for MD/PhD candidates, reviews the applications for the program and makes recommendations to the Co-directors regarding the acceptance or rejection of candidates. The Committee also follows the progress of MD/PhD students and makes any pertinent decisions which would involve the status of a student in the program.

Please visit the MD/PhD Program website for further information.

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