Admissions/Recruitment Committee


Thomas Poole, PhD

Chair of Recruitment:

Daniel Ts'o, PhD


Ms. Krystal Smith @ 464-7719
College of Graduate Studies
Weiskotten Hall


  • Gary Chan, PhD
  • Xie Ji Chen, PhD
  • Steve Hanes, PhD
  • Brian Howell, PhD
  • Mira Krendel, PhD
  • Hong Lu, PhD
  • Juntao Luo, PhD

Ex Officio:

  • Mark Schmitt, PhD


The Admissions/Recruitment Committee will be responsible for reviewing Ph.D. graduate student applications and making its recommendations of acceptance or rejection to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The committee will keep in contact with the accepted applicants with the intention of getting them to matriculate at Upstate.

The underlying charge to the Committee is to increase the quality and quantity of applicants to the Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program and convince the best of them to matriculate.

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