The Fearless Learner™

Who is a fearless learner?

Someone who has:

  • Strong motivation to do better
  • Continuous curiosity
  • Introspection skills
  • Humility to admit mistakes and gaps in knowledge
  • Enthusiasm to go beyond "good enough"
  • Commitment
  • Habits of professional behavior
  • Leadership qualities

Learning is not just about studying what is known, but also about curiosity, discovering new ideas and challenging ourselves to do better. For students and faculty to be lifelong learners, they must be responsible for their learning and inspired to dare mighty things — to be fearless.

The strength of true learning arises from the learner and is supported by a culture and learning environment that encourages the learner to teach the teacher.

Teachers using the Fearless Learner™ model will inspire and encourage students to use their energy to be creative while learning. This will include embracing new technology and new learning techniques. Further change will be driven by assessments of the learning experience. Upstate students and faculty are partners who aggressively pursue learning, demand personal excellence, and commit to each other in learning to deliver high quality patient care. Our patients are also partners and collaborators, not only in their own health, but in our educational mission.