Policies & Procedures

  1. Blood & Body Fluid Exposure
  2. Clerkship Policies
  3. Direct Observation
  4. Evaluations of Mid-Course and Mid-Clerkship Feedback
  5. Grading, Probation and Dismissal
  6. Mistreatment
  7. Phase 1 Policies
  8. Profesionalism
  9. Registrar Policies
  10. Step Policy
  11. Supervision & Conflicts of Interest
David B. Duggan, MD, MACP, Dean

David B. Duggan, MD, MACP
Dean, College of Medicine

I am particularly honored to serve as Dean of the College of Medicine. As an alumnus of the Class of 1979 and a member of the faculty since 1986, I have been extraordinarily pleased at the growth of the Medical School over this time and proud of the work of its faculty and graduates.

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