Scott Cameron Class of 2009

Scott Cameron, Class of 2009, Edinborough, Scotland

"Upstate presents a rigorous medical program because they want to realistically prepare you for practice.  In the clinical years, the expectations of you are appropriately high in the core clerkships, and it's because the faculty wants you to be the best you can possibly be.

"In surgery, for example—even if you're not planning on specializing in surgery—you're given the opportunity to do several major procedures under strict supervision, including placing chest tubes, intubating, and closing a surgical site at the end of the operation.  Sometimes, when you're offered the chance to do a major procedure, the words 'absolutely' fall from your lips a millisecond before fear sets in and you shy away.

"I always ask myself if I would rather experience the fear of the unknown for the first time as a medical student or later as a doctor, knowing that I have never done the procedure before.  Feeling the fear as a medical student but jumping in anyway is better for you, and much better for your future patients.  Upstate cultivates this mindset."