Binghamton Clinical Campus FAQs

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Can I make changes to the schedule I received through the elective lottery?

Yes. After you receive your original schedule, there is an open add/drop period in which you may make changes to your schedule online. You may change your schedule during the year either online or with Add/Drop forms.

When is the best time to do an AI?

It is best to take an AI elective in Period 1 or 2 of your 4th year or at the end of 3rd year if possible. This will give you the opportunity to ask your preceptor for a letter of recommendation for your residency application. It will also give you time to have the grade posted on your transcript for your application.

How do I schedule my required rotations if I need to retake a third-year exam?

In order to retake a shelf exam, you may not be taking another elective or clerkship at the time that the exam is administered. Some students try to schedule any make up exams during the break before the fourth year starts. If you need to make up an exam, you will probably continue on with your scheduled clerkships until you have the opportunity to take the make up exam during a break in classes.

Am I reimbursed for expenses associated with moving to the Clinical Campus?

Clinical Campus will reimburse up to $150 for each student’s moving expenses. You must provide a copy of your gas or truck rental receipts in order to be reimbursed. You may turn the receipts in to the Student Affairs Office.

Should I have all of my required vaccinations prior to arriving at Clinical Campus?

Completed and current health records must be on file before you will be allowed to register. Each student must have an annual health assessment and tuberculin test.

Other questions to think about:

How do I find housing in Binghamton?

The Student Affairs Office can provide you with current information on housing in the Binghamton area.

Will I need a car?

This is a requirement of all third and fourth-year students.
Danielle Weinman

Danielle Weinman, Alumna

"I chose the Binghamton campus for the enhanced clinical hands-on experience. This is reflected in the number of babies I have delivered, my strength in suturing and tying, and my ease examining patients. You are first assist to the doctors you work with, and the relationships you develop with them over the months create mentoring opportunities in a variety of fields. The clinical campus faculty are five minutes from the hospitals and are always accessible. They are absolutely wonderful. The three hospitals you work at are all within five minutes of each other and the diverse experiences you will have are incredible."