Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Health

Deadline: May 1

MPH Program:

Deadline: May 1

Program-Specific Courses

Public Health Practice, MPHP 605 (3)
This course provides an introduction to a series of contemporary issues in public health practice. The course is broken into a series of modules with faculty from a range of colleges within Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University expert in the subject area. This course will address the theory behind public health practice, specifically: the history of public health, public health settings and infrastructure, environmental and occupational health, and life stage health (maternal and child health, aging, minority health), injury, violence, health literacy, and safety, health alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Public Health Policy, MPHP 606 (3)
This course introduces students to the ways health policy has shaped the health care environment that impacts the health of the community. The primary objective of this course is to introduce the student to the broad context of health and social policy that impacts the health of the community and drives how strategies to improve community health are structured.

Program Planning & Evaluation, MPHP 660 (3)
This course introduces the basic principles, standards and concepts of program planning and evaluation including needs assessment, research design, implementation and evaluation methods, budgeting, sources of data, and threats to validity.

Survey Research Methods in Public Health, MPHP 657 (3)
Students will acquire practical skills to be applied in the planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of survey research findings. Topics will include selecting a research topic and study design, sampling, survey construction (questions and format), survey deployment techniques, interviewing, database set up and data cleaning, analysis, interpretation and write up. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be discussed although quantitative survey research methodologies will be emphasized. Students will develop a survey instrument, develop a research database, conduct appropriate data analyses, and prepare a research report using a peer-reviewed journal format and give an oral presentation of their research findings.

Mixed Methods Research in Public Health, MPHP 642 (3)
Students will acquire practical skills to be applied in the planning, execution, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of mixed-method research, or the combining of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods. Topics will include hypothesis and problem formulation, types of qualitative and quantitative methods, sampling, data collection strategies including interviews, focus groups, observation, and content analysis, qualitative coding and theming, analysis strategies, and manuscript/report preparation.

Health Services and Outcomes Research, MPHP 656 (3)
This course is an introduction to health services and outcomes research. Health services research is a multidisciplinary field of inquiry that examines how social factors, personal behaviors, health care delivery and financing, and organizational structures, affect access to care, cost and quality of health care, and health status. Outcomes research focuses on the end results of health care practices and interventions. This course will provide the student with a broad foundation in health services and outcomes research and will focus on practical issues in evaluating health services. Students will become familiar with assessment, research design, evaluation methods, sources of data, measurement, indicators, and threats to validity.