Spend time with Radiation Therapy students
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"It's a good feeling. You know you're helping people. For our patients, cancer is still treatable. If they weren't coming to us, they wouldn't be getting better."
— Kaylee Voorhies

About this Career

A radiation therapist works with a team of oncology professionals who use carefully targeted doses of powerful radiation beams to destroy tumors without permanently damaging the surrounding normal tissues.

The radiation therapist is directly responsible for the daily treatment of patients using sophisticated equipment. Since these treatments are normally given daily for up to seven weeks, radiation therapists often develop close relationships with their patients.

Working with physicians, medical physicists and medical dosimetrists, radiation therapists also assist in a wide range of other tasks including:

  • Using x-ray equipment to locate the precise area to be treated
  • Constructing patient immobilization and beam shaping devices
  • Using highly specialized computers to plan the treatment, and calculate the radiation dose
We encourage students to tour a radiation oncology department at a nearby hospital.

Bachelor of Science Degree Program

For students who are transferring with at least 60 arts and science credits.

Bachelor of Professional Studies Program

For students who have an associate's degree and are registered or registry-eligible medical radiographers.

Graduates of both programs are eligible to apply to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists qualifying examination.