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Jay Fabbri, MIS Class of 2012, is considered a non-traditional student at age 35. Fabbri, a Syracuse native, came to Upstate's Medical Imaging program in 2010 from Onondaga Community College. He enjoys the variety and fast pace of his clinical rotations in Upstate University Hospital, and is looking toward a career in interventional radiography.

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Program of Study for the Magnetic Resonance (MR) Track, BPS

Fall Semester Credit Hours
BIOL 451 Research Methods I - SUNY Gen Ed Course 1
ENGL 325 Professional And Technical Writing 3
IMAG 451 Advanced Imaging Procedures I-MR 5
IMAG 452 Advanced Imaging Practicum I MR 5
PATH 360 Pathology 3
IMAG 329 Radiographic, Topographic and Sectional Anatomy 2
Total 19
Spring Semester Credit Hours
HUMN 320 Health Care Ethics 3
IMAG 411 Imaging Pathology 3
IMAG 412 Management Practices In MIS 3
IMAG 454 Advanced Imaging Procedures II - MR 2
IMAG 455 Advanced Imaging Practicum II - MR 7
Total 18
Summer Semester Credit Hours
IMAG 457 Advanced Imaging Practicum III MR 8
IMAG 471 Cont. Issues in Medical Imaging 4
Total 12