Real clinical equipment + Expert simulation techniques =
High fidelity learning

The SUNY simulation lab has a fleet of modern equipment and safety devices available for use. We can design a circuit for you based on a roller or cernrifugal arterial pumps. We are happy for you to bring your circuit and your paperwork so we can customize your simulation experience.

  • Heart and lung machines:
    • Sorin SIII (roller or centrifugal)
    • Terumo System 1 (roller only)
    • Medtronic Biopump 550
  • Heater cooler
    • Cincinati Sub Zero
    • Sarns
  • IABP
    • Data scope 97
  • VAD
    • Abiomed
  • Cell saver
    • Medtronic Autolog
  • Platelet Gel
    • Medtronic Magellan
  • Cerebral oximetry simulation
    • Nonin
  • Anesthesia Machines
    • GE Ohmeda
  • Audio Visual recording system
    • Three surface mounted cameras
    • Telemetrics control modules for zoom, pan, tilt and preset camera positions of all cameras
    • All activities in Sim lab digitally recorded and immediately available for debriefing

Perfusion Simulation Center
Location: Silverman Hall
Phone: 315 464-6933
Email: CVP@upstate.edu