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Cardiovascular Perfusion Captioned Video

"Some perfusion schools just do academic work. Not here. We start off observing in the OR and doing academic work. Then we start doing the perfusion work. It's intense, but someone's always watching you. They won't let you do anything wrong. They don't expect you to know everything. You're supposed to ask questions." —T. Patel


Syllabus Course
CVPR 305 Perfusion Laboratory
CVPR 310 Clinical Perfusion I
CVPR 312 Cardiac Pathophysiology
CVPR 316 Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques I
CVPR 322 Physiologic Assessment
CVPR 324 Diagnostic Procedures
CVPR 326 Pediatric Perfusion
CVPR 328 Perfusion Critique
CVPR 330 Blood, Coagulation and Hemostasis
CVPR 345 Perfusion Laboratory II
CVPR 350 Clinical Perfusion II
CVPR 360 Extracorporeal Life Support
CVPR 371 Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques II
CVPR 374 Perfusion Research *
CVPR 385 Perfusion Laboratory III
CVPR 390 Clinical Perfusion III
CVPR 395 Summer Clinical Perfusion *
CVPR 410 Clinical Perfusion IV
CVPR 414 Cardiovascular Perfusion Seminar
CVPR 450 Advanced Clinical Perfusion