Hugh W. Bonner, PhD

Hugh W. Bonner, PhD
Dean, College of Health Professions

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We, the faculty of the College of Health Professions, believe that opportunities must be provided to enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to fulfill emerging and changing personal, professional and societal roles.

We believe that the educational process extends beyond the curriculum to include the various life experiences of the student. This process helps the student to develop an appreciation of the obligations that come with rights and freedoms, a sense of responsibility to society and an awareness of the duties of a citizen, a confidence in individual abilities and an understanding of the limitations of those abilities, a perception of personal values and an appreciation of the values of others, a realization of the importance of knowledge and a commitment to life-long learning.

We believe that optimal health care is provided through the coordinated efforts of people from many disciplines. We are dedicated to preparing competent professionals who treat patients, prevent illness and promote health through their unique and cooperative contributions to health care.

We believe that students should become all they are capable of being.