Message from the Dean

Dean Hugh W. Bonner

Welcome to Upstate, I’m Hugh Bonner, dean of the College of Health Professions.

We are probably best known for two of our programs, our Physician Assistant program and our doctor of Physical Therapy program. Along with those two programs, we have nine additional baccalaureate and masters-level programs that we prepare students to become part of the professional world that helps on the healthcare team, to save and improve the lives of our patients and their families.

We have a great success record. We have a 90% graduation rate, and of our graduates, nearly 100% of our students pass the state and national examinations. They get certified to practice in their field. Nearly 100% of them get jobs within their field, and go on to graduate school or medical school, which if they choose to do so that is our great success as well.

Welcome to Upstate, you’ll enjoy your time here.