Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Time: 1:15 PM
Place: Room 104 WH
Kyle Plante

Master's Thesis Defense
CDB Graduate Student in Dr. Vladamir Sirokin's Lab
“The Effects of Varying Actin and Capping Protein Concentrations on Actin Patch Dynamics in Fission Yeast”

wild-type paxillin cells
wild-type paxillin cells

paxillin lacking LD4 cells
paxillin lacking LD4 cells

Cells expressing wild-type paxillin (top) or paxillin lacking LD4 (bottom) were scratch-wounded followed by fixation 12 hours post-wounding. Tubulin (Green) and alpha-mannosidase II (Red) were labeled to note cell polarization and Golgi orientation. Cells expressing paxillin lacking LD4 are unable to reorient the Golgi towards the wound edge. From the lab of Christopher Turner, PhD.

lab assistant examining bottles