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original: wild-type paxillin cells
rollover: paxillin lacking LD4 cells

These cells were scratch-wounded followed by fixation 12-hours post-wounding. Tubulin (Green) and alpha-mannosidase II (Red) were labeled to note cell polarization and Golgi orientation. Cells expressing paxillin lacking LD4 are unable to reorient the Golgi towards the wound edge. From the lab of Christopher Turner, PhD.

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Myosin 1e promotes breast cancer malignancy by enhancing tumor cell proliferation and stimulating tumor cell differentiation. External Icon J.L. Ouderkirk-Pecone, G.J. Goreczny, S.E. Chase, A.H. Tatum, C.E. Turner, M. Krendel. Oncotarget. 2016.

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