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With the exception of exam days, the 7th floor laboratories are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the course. If the practical exam is scheduled for the morning, the lab will be closed at 3:30pm the day PRIOR to the exam. If the practical exam is scheduled for the afternoon, the lab will be closed at 8:00am the day of the practical exam.

The laboratory doors have coded locks. You will be provided with the code to open the doors the first day of class. The codes will be changed prior to each exam and the new codes will be given out to students during the first scheduled lab period after the exam.

Eating is not permitted in the laboratories.


Lens paper, immersion oil, cotton tipped applicators and solvent for cleaning lenses and slides are available in each laboratory.


All students are required to have a microscope for use during laboratory periods. Microscope rentals are available through the Bursar's Office. The bursar will send notice of the rental fee and provide details on the distribution of the rental scopes prior to the start of the course. You will be taught how to use your microscope during the first laboratory period, so it is important that students have their microscopes for the first day (March 26).


One loan set is issued to two students or laboratory partners. Box A is assigned to one student and box B to his/her partner. Each student is urged to take good care of the slides. Should a slide be broken or damaged, please bring it to the course technician. If duplicate slides are available, you will be given a replacement. YOU WILL BE CHARGED $10.00 FOR EACH DAMAGED/BROKEN SLIDE to help defray replacement costs. In most cases there is no material available to make replacements. Such slides are invaluable. Please make every effort to keep the slides in excellent condition.


Kodachrome projection slides have been made to supplement the lecture and laboratory material. Each lecture and laboratory topic is covered. The slides on a given topic have been placed together in a carousel. A complete set of carousels and one to three slide projector(s) are available in each of the student laboratories.

The carousel slides provide specific information and summary statements about each unit. They serve as study guides, vehicles for review and self-instruction. A written guide accompanies each carousel. Every slide is identified and described. Review questions are sometimes asked at appropriate places in a carousel.

The carousels are not required, but hopefully will help you to master the material. Many students may find it helpful to look at the carousels in small groups.

On laboratory days you may wish to look only at the lab slides in the carousel before you begin your assignment. After you have completed the laboratory, and especially when preparing for an examination, you may find it most helpful to review the entire carousel.

Some carousels have self-assessment slides. In each teaching laboratory, the answers to the questions on the self-assessment tests are contained in a folder in the black 3-ring binder housed in the carousel cabinet. This binder also contains a copy of the legends for each of the carousels.


A sign out sheet is posted on each carousel cabinet. Students and faculty are required to sign for each carousel removed from the cabinet. The date and time that the carousel is taken and the place where the carousel will be used is to be recorded. As a consideration to your fellow students, please sign out one carousel at a time and return it to the lab from which it was taken.

Failure to conform to the above conditions will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action such as suspension, probation, loss of privileges, reprimand, warning or any other sanction deemed appropriate.

In order to improve access to the carousels, the carousel images have been placed in a gallery on the Microscopic Anatomy website.

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