Spring 2018 Course Offerings

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January 16-May 9, 2018 

Culture and Reproductive Health and Medicine
Cecelia Van Hollen, PhD

Date/Time: Mondays 3:45-6:30 pm
Room: SU Campus

Cultural anthropological approaches to cross-cultural variations in reproductive practices (pregnancy childbirth, infertility, etc.) Impact of globalization, bio medicalization, international development on reproduction and reproductive health. 

Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspectives
John Townsend, Ph.D.

Date/Time: Monday/Wednesdays 2:15-3:45 pm
Room: SU Campus

This course utilizes an ecological, cross-cultural perspective. Students will learn: to apply an ecological perspective to illness in foreign and domestic cultures; derive useful practices and knowledge from non-Western societies and ethnic sub-cultures and demonstrate how they could be adapted and utilized in mainstream Western healing, describe the role of socio-cultural factors in the etiology, manifestation, and outcome of diseases cross-culturally; analyze the strengths and weaknesses of non-Western methods of healing.

Public Health Ethics
Sandra Lane, Ph.D.

Date/Time: Wednesdays 5:15-8:00 pm
Room: SU Campus

This course addresses ethical issues in public health.  Public health ethics is a new area of scholarship practice that addresses population-level health issues, such as issues food stamps and health insurance, immunizations, public health research, legal and policy responses to infectious diseases and epidemics, and the role of religious and social values in setting health policy.


CCM courses are open to upper division undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty from the cooperating institutions and members of the public. For members of the public permission of the instructor is required.

Registration Information: Le Moyne students www.lemoyne.eduExternal Icon. Upstate Medical University students: www.upstate.edu/ccm. Syracuse University students: www.syr.eduExternal Icon. Members of the public can register through any of the three institutions.