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Your Caregivers

Our Physicians

Our doctors are all Board Certified Oncologists and/or Hematologists, recognizeing that they have achieved and maintain the highest standards in their specialty. They also participate in research studies to offer our patients the newest, most effective treatments available. Our physicians work closely with referring physicians to ensure continuity of patient care during all phases of diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

Our Nurses

Our Nurses, many of them certified in Oncology Nursing, play an important role. They coordinate patient care with the physician and other members of your healthcare team. Nurses provide information about treatment, possible side effects, research protocols, self care and support services.

Clinical Support Staff

  • Nurse Practitioners: Nurse Practitioners are advance practice nurses who work together with your physician to develop and implement a treatment plan specific to your needs. They assist the physicians by initial examination and collection of pertinent information. Then, in collaboration with the medical team, a treatment plan is developed specific to your needs. They work with your physician throughout your treatment to assure continuity of care for you.
  • Medical Office Assistants: Medical Office Assistants provide a vast array of duties at the Regional Oncology Center. They assist nurses and doctors with simple procedures; they obtain authorizations with insurance companies in order to provide coverage for necessary treatments and/or medications; they also record important measurements including your pain level, blood pressure and temperature, as well as complete a comprehensive medication list in order to provide a safe environment.
  • Lab Technicians:   The Regional Oncology Center is fortunate to have a dedicated team of Laboratory professionals on staff.   They allow us to draw and process blood specimens in a timely manner, which decreases patient visit times. Doctors also have important test results in a much shorter time.
  • Pharmacist:   A pharmacist is on staff at the Regional Oncology Center in order to provide medications safely and quickly.   Orders are written by the MD's and are carefully double checked by the Pharmacist before the Pharmacy technician mixes the medication.   The pharmacist is also available should questions or concerns arise while getting treatment.