Lung Cancer Screening Program

CT scanner
For an appointment, call: Upstate Connect
Phone: 315 464-8668 or 800 464-8668
Location: 550 Harrison Street, Suite 105, Syracuse, NY Map & Directions

Upstate Cancer Center offers first lung cancer screening program in CNY

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A lung CT scan can detect tiny spots or nodules on your lungs years before they would ever be seen on a regular chest x-ray. The low dose screening CT test is a 20 second scan of your chest and lungs. No injections or medications are needed.

Lung cancer screening program for current and former smokers:

  • 55-74 years of age
  • Current or former cigarette smokers of a least 1 pack a day for 30 years or 2 packs a day for 15 years
  • If you have quit smoking, it must be within the last 15 years

This scan is NOT currently covered by any insurance. The cost of the test is $235, about the cost of of two cartons of cigarettes.

Participants in the Lung Cancer Screening Program receive:
  • A low dose CT scan that can be scheduled after normal business hours
  • A professional reading and interpretation of the findings by a dedicated chest radiologist
  • A CD with the images for your personal records
  • A letter to your personal physician
  • Free smoking cessation counseling by a certified smoking cessation counselor
  • Referrals to other medical professionals as well as access to Upstate's Multi-disciplinary Thoracic Oncology Program if anything worrisome is noticed on your scan
  • Reminder in one year to schedule another scan if you so desire
  • Free parking at the scanning location (550 Harrison Center)