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Library resources related to leukemia

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What You Need to Know About: Leukemia (National Cancer Institute)
An electronic booklet about medical care for leukemia from the National Cancer Institute. The booklet includes information on diagnosis and staging, treatment and follow-up care, and taking part in research studies. (Disponible en español. Available in Spanish.)

Leukemia (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
Information from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, including overview of the cancer, common types of leukemia, list of support services from live telephone support to family support groups to online chats, and access to free informational publications and education.

MedlinePlus search on "leukemia"
Link to a search of the MedlinePlus database for health information on leukemia, includes links to different types of leukemia, and interactive tutorials. MedlinePlus links are managed by medical librarians at the National Library of Medicine.


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Survivor : taking control of your fight against cancer
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Is it in your genes? : the influence of genes on common disorders and diseases that affect you and your family
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