the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 13, 2013

B.A. St. Andrews
Oncological Cocktails
Bruce Bennett
Blessings for a Newborn, Snowdrops, Aides
Kaveri Patel
A Physician's Prayer for Beginner's Mind
Danielle Wallace More Than the Sum
Sarah Fraser grace
Phoebe Brown Physicians
Sarah Gilbert Thoughts on a No-Hair Day, Why I Pulled My NG Tube at 4 am
Susan Supley Through the Fog
Donna K. Pflueger Arachnid in the House of Illness
Terry Brix Working Up to Common
Jennifer Freed Dandelions
Andrea Potos Recovery
Howard F. Stein Medical Records
Jane Blanchard On and Off the Record
Mary M. Brown returning home
Liz Whiteacre Morning: Propped on the Sofa
Roger Desy
a better care
Judith H. Montgomery
Carol Puschaver please help me
Luisa Villani The Proper Use of Spells
Zara Raab Difference, Grieving
Lisa Baker Connections
Monique Adelle C. Aeolian
Theresa Wyatt
Dementia, Office Visit
Kristin Camitta Zimet
Susan Eisenberg
Explain 'Lightheaded,' the Doc Asks
Laura Glenn Depth Perception
Jane Seskin When I Was Silent
Oliver French
Claudia M. Reder
Lemons, For D. R. Sculptor
Mary Jo Balistreri Stained Glass
Merdith Treade Jet Lag Mexico City
Catharine Clark-Sayles For Cornelia
Elizabeth Crowell Limbo
Julie Ufema You Look Strange
Joan Cofrancesco waiting room
Robert W. Daly Don't Touch, The Robin
Deborah Gang Treatment of Choice
Cherise A. Pollard The Kidney
Ruth McKay An Everyday Thing
Eric Machan Howd The Nightshirt, Why I Write Poetry
Joyce Greenfield How to Critique a Poem
Adam Possner 6 O'Clock, 3 CM from the Nipple
Jen Karetnick On the Way to Seder, My Husband Answers
Joyce Holmes McAllister Anniversary Sonnet, In a Farm Kitchen 1940
Charlotte F. Otten Dead Batteries
Mary Gardner Being Self, Past Before
Andrew Schep Her Breath
Cindy Day Almost Broken, Almost Healed
Rosie Garland Personal Questions
Mercedes Lawry Dear Life
Makandiwana Shoniwa Homecoming
Kathleen Grieger Making Sure
Cheryl Stiles I.E.D.
Janice Repka Before It Felt Safe
Curtis Harrell The Last Thing You Wanted
V.P. Loggins Men at Sixty
Rob Jacques Sabbatical
Kathleen Kramer Visiting Hours
Mary Kathryn Jablonski Covered
Dotty Holcomb Doherty Beating Heart
Katharyn Howd Machan Yes, Melatonin
Gaetan Sgro Circus Man
Tish Pearlman Merry-Go-Round, Unseen
Melissa F. Pheterson Future Grandma: Green Is Grief
Raven Heroux Technical Difficulties
Sheila O'Connor Testimony
Cathleen Calbert How to Be a Wife
Lisa DeWilde Mitch
Karen Donley-Hayes Road Trip
Emily Klein I Hate You, Charlie. I Love You, Charlie.
Kailey McDonald Upside Down
Anne Sutera Botash Whistling Willy's Love Song
Sephora Germain The Funeral
Angelo Merendino Cover art - Jennifer Merendino
Pamela Ferris-Olson Seaside Castle, Windswept Beauty, Serenity Bay, A Well Marked Path
Susannah Loiselle Merry-Go-Round, Caught in Traffic
Kathleen Gunton Fronds and Filaments, The Art of Silence, Knowing the Right Path, Chinese Moon Cafe, Calm Waters, Watch and Wait
Patricia Elliot Seitz For Mom, Adirondack Pond
Joan Applebaum Safe in My Garden, i am, i was, September
Jeanne Dupre Adirondack Pine, Misty Island
Karen Kozicki Prometheus, Rockefeller Plaza, NYC; The Three Shades, Paris
CJ Nye Kali Drawing
Christopher Woods Sand Woman, Portsmouth; The Ladder
Barbara Nevaldine Columbine, Shades of Purple
William Hicks Shhh
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Nowhere Fast, The Odd Ball
Emily Palmisano Skull
Richard Dupre Lake Placid Morning, Salmon River Falls
Maria Rizzo Tree Totem 20
Lindsay Obermeyer Leucocyte
Yolanda Tooley Two Lights, Fiume Arno


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