the healing muse

Volume 13, 2013

Morning: Propped on the Sofa

Liz Whiteacre

The chickadee outside the window perches
with house sparrow, mourning dove,
and a cardinal pair.
                  Find the least painful perch.

Together they pick through suet and millet,
digest cracked sunflower seeds, budge
for a blue jay on the feeder.
                  Swallow the small brown pills.

Each seems conscious of another’s space. Seeds ping
on the air conditioner while balanced birds
graze methodically.
                  Adjust ice packs.

Just past dawn, the yard is calm—no meddlesome squirrels
to hog the plastic-coated cage. A starling descends,
arranges his feathers.
                  Prop more pillows behind my spine.

The starling angles his head to eat from the feeder’s south side.
The chickadee, house sparrow, mourning dove, cardinals,
and blue jay flee.
                  Elevate my legs.

They sit in a sycamore’s naked branches and observe with me
—wait to nibble, peck, choke down leftovers.

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