the healing muse

Volume 13, 2013


Oliver French

I heard a guru say: “I had a surgeon
remove my scar. Do not, I said,
freeze my skin, for I know that if I only
bring my mind’s blade to the wound
my body shall feel no pain. Your blade
cannot exist where mine has precedence.
He protested, but he cut
and as I had predicted, I felt no pain
while my mind held only its own blade

I heard a young girl say: “My mother offers me
her love if only . . . then withdraws into the drugs
that keep her love imprisoned. I know
I can forget her when I carve
a long line on my forearm with a blade.
I love to see the blood spurt out.
It doesn’t hurt because the blade
cancels, and is cancelled by, the pain
I feel when mother cuts the loving bond
she almost promised

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