the healing muse

Volume 13, 2013

Working Up to Common

Terry Brix

Came in unique, Renaissance man—
engineer, businessman, scientist, hybrid
Montana mountain man and da Vinci.
International, hell, even galactic traveler
on and off the barstool. Just couldn’t
stop drinking. Put it down often,
but couldn’t put it down for very long.
Stress you know? Damn strain! Poor me?

Came in a genius, high IQ, educated
definitely beyond my intellectual capacity,
but couldn’t figure out that alcohol,
not a deadly virus, bacteria, mold, but poison,
US FDA approved, regulated, brainless
saccharomyces yeast was pissing ethanol
into bottles, cans, fifths that strangled my life.

Came in and no one understood me
that I had to self-medicate with booze
to get through the day without “cide effects”—
suicide, homicide, genocide. Needed alcohol
for the ever shorter, fleeting moments of soap-
bubble peace in an angry porcupine world.

All the intellect, prejudice, intelligence, ego
turned out to be allies, agents, spies of the disease.
Terrible thing to find out and then accept the prized
possessions of self were enemies inside me.

Slowly working from mad genius up to common.

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