the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 12, 2012

B.A. St. Andrews
Opening the Summer House
Marylou DiPietro Acceptance, Snow on the Brain
Bruce Bennett
A Certain Solace, I Write, Wishes
Lyn Lifshin
When You Talk About Making Dinner for Your Friends,
In the Video of Your Heart
Patricia Belote Apex
Joyce Kessel The Ripples Afterwards
Valerie Wohlfeld I Made a Vessel
Sara Burant Tell Me Again, Between
Deborah Diedmont Mountain and Spine
Katharyn Howd Machan Jame's Chest, Late Spring Morning
Sidney Bending Crows Crowd My Throat
David Haughey LT
David C. Manfredi Vespers, Exitus
Mary Beth O'Connor Elegy
Jennifer Heatley nothing better than this
Dorothy Holcomb Doherty Afternoons with Mom
Tish Pearlman
The Drowned Girl
Kaveri Patel
We Stand as Trees
Fani Papageorgiou Rue de Rivoli, Until Sunday
Laurie Arnold Waterfall
Eric Machan Howd Saving Time
Allan Peterkin And What Felled the Princes of Europe?
Felice Aull A Small Thing
Susan Supley
The Fisherman's Daughter
Charles Lupia
Family in a Time of Illness
Stephan Glatt
Third Degree: A Poem in Ironic Rhyme
Holly Kuman Next Step
Theresa Crisanti Thou Shall Be Healed
K.B. Kincer
The Good News
Chris Swanson
Just OK
Deborah Paredez Alzheimer's Haiku, Alzheimer's Notebook II: Garden
Nadia Orosz Mean Bones
Daphne Solá Bittersweet
Paula Schulz Late April
Kathleen Kramer Not Going to Buttonwood
Joyce Holmes McAllister For Them
Donna K. Pflueger Swift Seasons of Macular Degeneration
Mary Gardner Dream States
Joan Cofrancesco The Golden Years Before AIDS
Dorothy Money The Cost of Heat
Kaitlin Provost Living with Eugene
Susan Huang Prime of Life Redefined
Lindsay Obermeyer 74-12036
Kevin Bray It's All in My Head
Rose Bromberg Unconscious
Gloria Sheehan Picture a Box
Donna L. Emerson Visiting Alzheimer's
Monica Nawrocki Normal
B.T. Letter to a Parent
Kathleen McClung Boxes Shaped Like Hearts
Timothy Vo Getting Wisdom
Judith Lavelle Unspecified
Emily Weston Being Lucy
Edie Cottrell The Pier
Dawna L. Robertson Nude
Zac Williamson Circular Argument
Carole Glasser Langille Who Are You?
Marguerite McDonald Cover art - Acceptance; Snow on The Brain, Trying to Walk
Eleanor Leonne Bennett A Little Soul, My Hard Work to Save You, Ill Mother and Me
Joan Applebaum Set a Spell
Rose Bromberg Anhinga
Karen Kozicki Contemplation, La Bicyclette
Lois Dorschel Walnut Street Shoe Tree
Lindsay Obermeyer The Spirit Returns
Ivan de Monbrison Paris 2011
Yolanda Tooley Symphony in F, Nacissus, Lily
Kathleen Gunton Cottage Light, Sweetpea Pair, Angels Get Tired
Willy Conley Makeshift Church, Chance, Maryland
Pamela Ferris0Olson Some Things We Never Outgrow, Waiting for Launch
Gena Buza Joy of a Mother
Susannah Loiselle Predator, Looking Through
Marty Dorschel Sunday Walk in the Woods
Donna Emerson Farmhouse


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