the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 11, 2011

B.A. St. Andrews
Bruce Bennett
Poetry and Grace, Dark and Bright, The Hug
Amy Haddad
From the Motel Window
Barbara Crooker February Second
Johanna Shapiro Etiquette for the Very Ill
Joan Cofrancesco The Night Before Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Haiku
Diane Halsted Off-Track Bet
Jackie Bartley The Dancer
Jennifer Heatley I imagine the poison
Karen Holmberg Negative
Kelley Jean White Well Child Visit March 2008
Joyce Holmes McAllister Inheritance
M. Frost Stranded
V.P. Loggins A Breath
Tish Pearlman Coma Rise, Disembodied
Nina Bennett
A phone call after midnight
Basilia Nwankwo
The Living
Katharyn Howd Machan Snow
Donna L. Emerson Goddess of Abdomens
Jennifer Campbell Sandwich Board
J.P. Maney Who Lets You Go
Angela M. Giles Patel Silence Over Coffee
Clifford Paul Fetters
A Quote from "Ondine"
Carolyn Agee
Oliver Rice
A Script, A Momentum
David Plumb Give It Time
Linda Loomis Prayer for Rachel
Valerie Wohlfeld
Album, Babylon
June Frankland Baker
Visit from the Therapy Dog
Craig W. Steele Mind Matters
Susan M. Behuniak The Dementia Unit
Claudia M. Reder Elegy
Elinor Cramer Mrs. Bean Fighting Mad at Me
Andrea Hsue Throughout Life
Heidi Nightengale Finding a Copy of "Out of Africa"
Hannah Craig Kidney, Shared
David C. Manfredi The Errant Heart *
Donna Emerson Post Sigmoid Colectomy or Here We Go Loopdy-Loo
Charlotte F. Otten Not in the Spring
Simon Perchik Three Poems
Perry S. Nicholas Dear Brain, Cryogenics
Fani Papageorgiou The Boat Accident
Mary Kathryn Jablonski Sinus Iridium (Bay of Rainbows)
Teresa Sutton My Dad Waits All Year for Christmas to Come
C E O'Rourke Biophosphorescence
Sarah Jefferis Reincarnation at the Kmart Intersection
Amy L. Friedman I Killed a Man with My Own Two Hands
Elizabeth W. Carey Waiting Room
W. Soyini Powell Mrs. Doctor Powell
Susan J. Levy Keeping the Faith
Zin Min Tun Barriers in Health Care: Language, Culture, and Education
Jenny Haust Holding onto Jenny
Jack Tourin Greggy
Annita Sawyer Undercover Agent
Kailyn McCord Your Limbic System
Howard F. Stein Distance Grid
Ronald Ruskin Dread
Antara B. Mitra Apartment 5B
Stephanie Elliott BREAKING NEWS
Gail Hosking On the Occasion of the War Finding its Way into my Living Room
Laurie Oot Leonard Unease Creeps In
Christopher Stark Biddle Don't Look Back
Suzanne McConnell Elegy
Howard F. Stein Hair
Yolanda Tooley Cover art - Fiume Arno, Italia; Street Music, Two Lights
Karen Kozicki Silhouettes in Time, A Chair, Berlin Wall Panel-The Intrepid, NYC
Kathleen Gunton Beyond Obstacles, Choices, Looking for Tiny Miracles, Sun in a Flower, Golden Poppy, The Calm
Susannah Loiselle Broken Down, Wake Up Recycling Building
James Loiselle Bug
Patricia Seitz Snowplay
Linda Bigness The Edge of Heart
Barbara Nevaldine Hats
Lois Dorschel Vole Village
Pamela Ferris-Olson Stand-Off, In a Dutch Garden, The Winter Hour
Esperanza Tielbaard Energize
Joan Applebaum Wishing I Could Remember the Violets
Donna L. Emerson Grandmother Mildred Belle, Cabaña
Sriharsha Gowtham #1
Zofia Nowicki CT3, CT4



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