the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 8, 2008

B.A. St. Andrews
Happy Accidents
Mary Jo Balistreri A Shift of Emphasis
M. Frost
M. Frost
Mercy Killing
Jack Coulehan Slipping Away
Paula Brady Solution
Arlene L. Mandell Table, Cat, Tree
Kathleen Aponick Brief Reprieve
Susan Hazen-Hammond Let Me Breathe
Susan Hazen-Hammond Set Change
Rose Bromberg Vertigo Villanelle
Poetry and the Creative Healing Process
Anya Silver After a Mastectomy
Anya Silver I Hope My Nurses Remember Playing Records
Kathryn Kirkpatrick Physical Therapy
Jennifer Johnson The Wreck
After The Wreck
Plastic Surgery Phase II
Stephanie Ivanoff Bodily
John Thomas Clark
Julia Calagiovanni
Marylisa W. DeDomenicis Disorder
Joan Cofrancesco Goya
Object to be Destroyed
Rick Kempa 1 a.m.
K.B. Kincer The Other Mothers
Wendy Kaplan-Emmons Talking Cure
Katherine Leonard
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Clinical Experience
Barbara Crooker
Roger Desy
easter week
Dellana Diovisalvo A View
Roman Holiday
David Manfredi Alzheimer's
Kathleen Grieger
Martina Nicholson
Late Summer on the Hill
Oliver Rice What Do the Physicians Know About This?
Beth Evans I Waited
Lisa Roney Diagnosis 1972
Andrew Shaw Not Ready to Die
Carol J. Roberts Ambient Focal Incongruency
Jackie Bartley On the Amygdala's Procimity to the Region of Scent
Pamela Ferris-Olson Beached
Joyce Holmes McAllister A Question of Time
Rachael Z. Ikins Borderline Young Woman Waits for Her Therapist: The Building
Petra Kuppers Macintosh's Rose
Jane Langley We Called Him Weather Vane
Andrei Guruianu Nothing Left to Give
Bruce Bennett A Bouquet for Suzanne
Last Lunch

Elinor Cramer Lens Replacement and the Ball Turret Gunners
Andrea Rosenshaft Irony
Dominck Maggio The Fitzroy River Turtle
Marilyn Kanter Mediation on Caregiving
Annita Sawyer Shocked
Anne Bingham Dependence Day
Adam Philip Stern Faulty Armor
Cynthia E. Garrret The Brooch
Irony Sade The Lost Young Yawn
Elsa Capria A good day
Lisa Oliver When These Things Happen
Allan Peterkin Falls
Joan Applebaum Winter's Arrival, Arrangement in Orange and Blue No. 1
Pamela Ferris-Olson Scalloped Fabric, Cabin Window, City Door, Chelsea Window
Yolanda Tooley Natura Morta
Elayna Alexandra Flodin Nuclear Light, Komori
Carol J. Roberts Twizzlestick, The Evening Icicle
Dotty Holcomg Doherty Patuxent Trees
Kathleen Gunton Holding a Heart
Iris Gill Lipstick Eagle
Arlissa Dockery The Healer Set Me Free
Marilyn Hillman Lilies

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