the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 6, 2006

B.A. St. Andrews
The Gallery
Lauren Fanelli The Doctor Speaks
Joel Moskowitz

Song of Surgery

Bruce Bennett

Sign Language

Gloria Sheehan Broken
Kathleen Gunton Breathe
Beverly Boyd I Hear You
Katie Anthony Etude
Heather Hallberg Yanda So Many Masks
Jan Bailey Raising the Sleeping Dead
Nan Fry Winter Dark
Billie Morrill Loose Ends
Barbara F. Lefcowitz I Think About Chagall
Rose Bromberg Word
Mary M. Brown
To Beulah
Julene Tripp Weaver Keep Hope Alive
Albert Howard Carter, III
The Prince of Fools
Gregory Eastwood
Search for Old Haiku
Theresa Wyatt Twilight at the Nursing Home
Geoffrey Gaddis
Life Lessons
Veneta Masson Gold Standard
Rae Spencer The Kidney Transplant Proceeded
Joan Cofrancesco
Car versus Jogger Haiku
Lawrence H. Climo

Mask and Gown at Trail’s End

Kathleen Grieger
Waiting for Answers
Susan Cowger
The Dead Shall Rise
Susan Noel Wide Awake
Susan Landgraf The Would-be Namibian Doctor Speaks
Charlotte F. Otten
Rick Kempa
Bar the Door
Kimberly L. Becker Good Harm
Nancy Takacs Flying Home after Visiting Aunt Ginny
Marjorie Power Why Am I Unable to Ask?
Mary Christine Delea Kenwood
M. Frost Cause of Death
Linda A. Cronin The Inconvenience of Disability
Marc Harshman Do Me a Favor
Marjorie Power Ice Cubes
Laurie Suzanne Lessen-Reiche Even in Summer, Fibromyalgia
Richard Solly The Sea Inside
Naomi Heilig


Dotty Holcomb Doherty

Quaking Bogs

Megan R. Bartlett Smoke and Mirrors
Gregory F. Tague Care to Give
Doborah Young Bradshaw Letter to a Young Doctor
Ronald Pies Letter to a Young Doctor
Nancy Schreher Second Glance
Marilyn A. Gelman A Brush with Life
Jane S. Huber Otsego Lake
Jessica Handler Feeling It, Wanting
Benjamin H. Han Thai-Burma Border, Circa 2005
Kristen Hoggatt Run on the Twenty-fifth Year
William Hahn Siracusa
Thomas C. Gibbs The Bruising
Karen Malpede A Melian Dialogue
Kaimana Wolff Flamingoes
Ron Ruskin Hocus-Pocus
Vishwas R. Gaitonde The Painful Discovery
Evan Morgan Williams Sanibel's Journal
Gary Weinstein Mother's Day
Sandra Shwayder Sanchez Three on a Pier
Yvonne Merriam Dusting
Pamela Ferris-Olson Wagonwheel
Annie Dawid

Halo Bat Effect

Kathleen Gunton

Bird of Paradise

John Leggat, Jr. Plover
Morning Farm
Yolanda Tooley

Cyclamen & Vase
Spring Birch Trees

Marilyn R. Mumford

Sunset on Sullivan's Island

Leslie Disher Pottery Woman
Michael Lowe Storm Watcher
Joan Applebaum Afternoon Shadows
Chittenango Creek
Heal Thyself
Lauren Schlanger

Bees Eating Pear, India
Woman Fishing, Laos
Childlren on Water Buffalo, Laos

Thea Reidy Memory Song II
Adrienne DeWitt Harry's Garden
Sara Karjoo Sunrise
Penelope Gilcher Splash
Robb Dorschel Unavailable
Bee Dandruff
Barbara Nevaldine Fern & Fallen Leaves
Pink Flower & Visitor
Bill Schreher Dan
Tracey Gotham Young Harvest
Out of the Corn
Yvonne Merriam Grapes
Reneé C. Mezza Chico
The Thinker
Donna Norris Play Comes First
Expressing Himself
Susan Keeter La Tonya

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