The Healing Muse, Volume 4the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 4, 2004

B.A. St. Andrews
Green Orgasm
Kathleen Gunton In the Event
Leukemia Patient
Johanna Shapiro

The Transformation of Water

Dixie Partridge
So Far
Beth Bahler Inside Information
Catherine V. Caldicott Sisters of Penelope
James Campagna Sagarmatha
Barbara Crooker Autism Poem #20: The Knot Garden
Corrine De Winter Icarus
Katherine Elwevar Please Know
Beth Evans Mathematics
Nan Fry Fruit
Nancy Geyer Embrace
Steven Katz
The Cathedral
Susannah Loiselle His Voice
Fran Markover
Tom McFadden
The Glass Dwelling
Marilyn R. Mumford Speaking of Hospitals
Rachel Pessah
Sharon Pretti Once
The Home
C.R. Resetarits Into the Woods
Eve Rifkah

Dr. Parker Dreams

Carol J. Roberts
62° Pitch
Susan Sample

Anniversary of the Diagnosis
Aspen Art

Richard Solly
Betting on Afternoon Light
B.A. St. Andrews
Green Orgasm
Cheryl Stiles Vernal Equinox
Joyce Thomas Scar
Gary Weinstein
Hospital Haiku
John Yowpa III
Catheters and Patience
Paul Cohen The Other Side of the Bed
Rob Daher Blind Medicine
Kim Lyons Garver Finding Gratitude in Loss
Marilyn A. Gelman Radiance
Michael Gordon The Mayor of St. Pete
Joshua Hooper In My Own Words
Peg Johnston Ballast
Donald N. Schwing Korea, “The Land of the Morning Calm”
Myra Shayevitz The Gift
Mark Delman A Cold Desert
Laurie Oot Leonard Red Flannel
Tony Miksanek An Adverse Reaction
Nina Nami What Happens Next
Anna Olson Romance and Other Contact Sports
Joan Applebaum Art and Science
November Sky #2
Amber Starr Baker Self-Portrait
Linda Bayne

Jody’s Island
Kearsarge in Winter

Ray Beale Story Monument, Rome
Jon Boulette Serenity
Adrienne De Witt Siberian Squill
Lois Dorschel Grapevines of Ice
Pamela Ferris-Olson Beach Access
Pond Lily
Susan Keeter B.A. St. Andrews
Tod Leggat Mum
White Hyacinth
Sharon Osika-Michales

Skytower Reflection
Southern Alps
Twelve Apostles

Debbie Rexine Joshua Hooper
Erin Tapley Katydid Eating
Woodcut II
Yolanda Tooley Morning in Mykonos
The Eye of the Storm
Morley Weston Pakistani River Boat
Wind Through Tree

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