the healing muse

Volume 4, 2004

Sisters of Penelope

This poem was written in tribute to Dr. Bonnie St. Andrews.

Catherine V. Caldicott

Day after day we catalogue your poems,
Copy, proofread, alphabetize,
Ensure none are missed,

Versions accurate,
Revisions updated,
One by one, slow cherished

Progress. Our relay
Begins. One passes
Cradled images to the next

And the next,
Gratefully finding your footprints,
Our guide over metaphoric terrain.

And even when you can’t remember
We choose and believe you,
Captain, coach,

Essential participant.
You and we want this
Done, to know what has

Become of your Work
Before you go.

How I swallow my urgent whispers
From crashing in sisters’ conch ears
“Go slowly! Undo your work!

Never finish!”
For what will happen to you
When our labor’s done?

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