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Each year, the Center presents a series of monthly seminars focusing on challenging issues in ethics and the humanities as they relate to health care. Seminars are free and open to the public.

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December 5
12-1 pm

"Unintended Consequences: Ethical Decision Making in Times of Crisis."

Cynthia Morrow, MD

In a crisis, key decision-makers are required to make difficult choices with little time for deliberation. Crises that are perceived to directly threaten our health are among the most challenging. Over the past few months of the Ebola outbreak in parts of West Africa, U.S. politicians and organizational leaders made key policy decisions (such as mandatory quarantine for health care workers returning from affected areas) that could have profound unintended consequences.  Dr. Morrow will challenge some of these decisions and provide a framework for ethical decision-making in times of crises, taking into account both public health and medical ethics. 

Dr. Cynthia Morrow is Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Humanities and of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at SUNY Upstate. In addition, she is Professor of Practice in Public Administration and International Affairs at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University. Dr. Morrow served as Commissioner of Health for the Onondaga County Health Department from 2005-2014.

Location: Room 2509/2510 Setnor Acdemic Building

Please feel free to bring your own brown bag lunch! SUNY Upstate faculty, staff, and students and members of the community are welcome to attend.

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