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This page will provide protocols which have been developed, or just modified from standard protocols, in our laboratory. It is by no means a comprehensive listing of all of the protocols we use.

Yeast Biology

Actin Capture Assay (D. Amberg)

Colony PCR (D. Amberg)

Immunofluorescence (with Methanol) (D. Amberg)

Immunofluorescence (without methanol) (D. Amberg)

Rhodamine-Phalloidin/Calcofluor Staining (D. Amberg)

"Smash and Grab" Recovery of Plasmids (D. Amberg)

Isolation of Yeast Genomic DNA (D. Amberg)

Isolation of Yeast Protein (D. Amberg)

Yeast Transformation (D. Amberg)


General Techniques

Gene Disruption by Fusion PCR (E. Beasley and D. Amberg)

Sequencing Template Preparation (D. Amberg)

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