The Advocates for UMU scholarships will be awarded to employees and adult volunteers who are pursuing studies in an accredited institution in a health-related field.

Applications are now available for the Spring semester 2015.

Downtown & Community Campus Fall Semester

Heidi Kosienski MICU
Crystal Marshall 6K
Liannis Merino ENT
Jerusha Owusu-Barnie Pharmacy
Tina Passett Ortho/Med-Surgery
Karl Schindler Volunteer
Trina A. Skeele Emergency Dept.
Shannon Snyder Pharmacy
Susan Brownson Perioperative Services
Kristofer Butts 8E – MICU – HCT
Lisa Carroll Medicine/Cardiology
Shayna Green Health Information Mgmt.
Margaret Hart Adult Medicine
Sarah Irish Pediatric Administration
Andrew Justo PACU
Sandeep Kaur 4N