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Presentation was made by Theresa Devennie, at The Advocates Annual Meting & Luncheon held at the Genesee Grande Hotel, May 20, 2014.

One of the many pleasures of being The Advocates President is that I have the honor to select an Advocate of the Year. As I looked at whom to choose, I realized that there are many advocates of the year candidates among us – people who give many hours of time, and are dedicated to our cause, people who promote us and believe in our mission. But I could only pick one!

Over the past year, Jean Seale could be seen at Golf meetings, planting flowers at the Community Campus, at the Macy's table selling passes, at blood drives, wrapping Christmas gifts and anything to do with Mystery Malt & Merlot. She served on the Board of Directors for eight years and the Executive Committee for four. She has been Vice President of Service and is currently Vice President of Fund Development as well as the Mystery Malt and Merlot chair.

Jean is always happy to help any time and any where. The Advocates are lucky to have her!