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Board of Directors 2016-2017

Judy Carr, President
Donna Breen, VP Fund Development
Jane Forstadt, VP Membership & Marketing
Jean Pirozzi, VP Service
Theresa Devennie & Lisa Schiller, VP Contracts
Tracy Ryder, Treasurer
Karen Goldman, Secretary

Board Members

Marty Cuddy
Rosemary Fenneman
Josie Glos
Gloria Hoffman
Bertha Jacobs
Barbara LaBarge
Bonnie McCabe

Iris McNulty
Kimberly Petite
Edward Priest
Sharon Putney
Libby Rubenstein
Jean Seale
Ted Topalian

Kristin Bruce—Director Volunteer Services

Mgr. for Business & Administration
Susan E. York

Service Committee

This year we had wonderful opportunities to work on each campus and out in the community. At both the Community and Downtown Campus, we were instrumental in running the blood drives. Beautification of the Community Campus included decorating the campus for the holidays and planting flowers in the spring. We also helped sort donated clothing for the Social Work Department at the Community Campus. Advocates assisted Spiritual Care at the Downtown Campus at their Annual Memorial Service in November and were part of Snowflake Central again in the Golisano Children’s Hospital.

2017 Blood Drive Dates:

  • Blood Drive – Downtown Campus:
    Thursday, January 19, 8am – 5pm
    Friday, January 20, 7am – 1pm
    Thursday, April 13, 8am – 5pm
    Friday April 14, 7am – 1pm
    Thursday, July 20, 7:30am – 7pm
    Friday, July 21, 7am – 1pm
    Thursday, October 12, 8am – 5pm
    Friday October 13, 7am – 1pm
  • Blood Drive – Community Campus:
    Tuesday, January 3, 12 pm – 6 pm
    Wednesday, January 4, 7 am – 1 pm
    Tuesday, May 2, 12pm – 6 pm
    Wednesday, May 3, 7am – 1 pm
    Tuesday, August 1, 12 pm – 6 pm
    Wednesday, August 2, 7 am – 1 pm
    Tuesday, October 25, 12pm – 6 pm
    Wednesday, October 26, 7am – 1 pm

Fund Development

Fund Development is not one committee but rather a group of smaller committees that promote The Advocates through fundraising events.

2016 -17 Events

  • Macy's Shop for a Cause – August 26, 27 & 28, 2016
  • 17th Annual Fall Swing Golf Tournament – Wednesday, September 14, 2016
  • 19th Annual Mystery Malt & Merlot – Friday, April 7, 2017 – Hotel Syracuse 10th Floor Ballroom